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Skarrup's Fudge Recipie
This fellow explains everything you ever wanted to know about making the perfect fudge. My wife tells me that the orange "zest" is taking things a bit too far, so perhaps the orange extract he recommends is a better choice. This site is a must for the serious candy maker. This site was originally available at: http://homepages.skylink.net/~skaarup/fudge.html
Anapsid.Org's Home Page
Created by Melissa Kaplan. No, she isn't a godess of herptile knowledge, But she does know how to pack a quick loading, easy to use site full of reptile and amphibian care information. While Anapsid.org links extensively to her web page, you can also go straight there. Melissa Kaplan's Reptile page If you have in a cold blooded, scaly animal you are looking for care information on, and it isn't covered by her main web site, then chances are that you have a snapping turtle. In that case, feed it anything that moves and watch out for your fingers. Even I can't kill a Chelydra serpentina.
Dozuki's Phyto-Chemical Page
This page presents the work of Dozuki himself, as well as submissions by other competent amateur chemists. Their goal is to investigate the chemical composition of certin plant families.
A College Level Micro Course
When you get feeling pretty handy with yourself you might check out this online lab manual.

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