I am not fully conversant with all the laws in all the states in all the countries in the world. I am familiar with the ones which govern my area. I expect you to familiarize yourself with your local, state and federal laws as well. In some states in the US you may need a special permit to perform microbiological experiments, or to even own the equipment necessary to do so. This is not the norm, and most areas have no such restrictions. However it is unlawful to knowingly propagate human pathogens almost everywhere. Most developed nations have, I believe, laws prohibiting the culturing of animal pathogens as well. Frankly if you need the sort of information I have provided on this site to assist you in your attempts to grow pathogenic microorganisms, may God have mercy on your soul. You are in way over your head. At any rate, you have been warned and I take no responsibility.

The information on this site is for informational purposes only. It is not my intent to break the law, to allow others to break the law, or to assist in any attempts to break any law. I expressly forbid anyone and everyone from using any information gleaned at this site for illicit purposes. Any actions taken based on information found at this site are the responsibility of the actor, as are any consequences incurred. Neither I nor my host site are responsible for any actions you may take, regardless of whether said actions were taken in response to information contained at this site. Even if the information contained at this site is blatantly wrong, we will not be held responsible. For that matter no garuntee of any sort is given for the information contained at this site. Anything and everything found here may or may not be complete hogwash dreamed up one night over a few too many beers. This does not imply permission to consume beer, if beer is illegal in your area, or if you are underage.

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