I've drawn the information for this page from a rather wide variety of sources. Rather than list them all in a proper Works Cited or Heaven forbid it an honest Bibliography I choose to present my sources in a rather less formal format I prefer to think of as an acknowledgement section. If this seems somewhat improper so be it. This is a web document and not a professional publication and it seems to be somewhat traditional, to the extent that something as young as the 'net can even have traditions, for amatuer web pages to be completely undocumented anyway. This then, is a somewhat comprehensive list of people and literature proving helpful to me. It is not exhaustive, and is somewhat dependant upon my ability to locate my poorly recorded sources and manage some form of citation here. Drop me a line if there is a reference you feel should be added, or if I've missed giving you your due recogniton!


Microbiological Methods, 3rd Ed.
Collins C. H.; Patricia M. Lyne
University Park Press; Baltimore; c.1970
ISBN 0-408-70048-3; LCCCN 71-139248

Manual of Mcrobiological Methods
Society of American Bacteriologists
McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc.; New York; c.1957
LCCCN 57-8629

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Academic Press, New York; 1970
LCCCN 70-91422

The Mushroom Cultivator
Stamets, Paul
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ISBN 0-9610798-0-0; LCCCN 83-070551


Other Articles I Have Wrought

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