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Clicking on the company's name in the far left column, Merchant, will open a new browser window and take you to the company's web site.

The next column, Rating, describes the average rating received by that particular company. A rating of '0' indicates that the company has not yet been rated by anyone. A rate of 1 is very bad, a rate of '10' is very good.

The next column to the right, # Votes, displays the total number of votes recorded for the company. This provides a very basic frame of reference for the reliability of the rating. If a company has a rating of 10, but only 1 vote, the information came soley from 1 person. A rating of 9 with 100 votes means that although they haven't a perfect score, the average of opinion of 100 people is that the company is very good.

Next, # click-thru's, displays the number of times someone clicked on the company name at the far left to view the company's web page.

Each link under Click to Rate! will provide a screen allowing you to rate that particular company, and leave a comment about it if you like.

The far right column, View Comments, offers a link to the comments that were entered during the voting processs for that particular company.

Currently there is only one general value for the whole of a company. Perhaps in the future you will be able to rate the speed, quality, pricing, etc of a company individually, but currently only an over all rating is possible. Please think carefully before voting, and be as honest as possible. This will help other people like yourself make an informed decision.



Herbal Merchants Rating Page

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