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jjshaloam 2003-03-19 02:51:33 10 Hmmm. I was very pleased with my order. Cost them a dollar to send, but who cares? They're prices are cheap and a flat $5 shipping is better than I paid in the past. Got my Salvia in less than a week and seemed as good if not better than others I've got.  
destinyis4 2003-02-12 21:26:42 3 Their customer service sucks and they did not ship via UPS. The products were ok though  
ststephen 2003-02-06 00:59:00 8 FAST ship, however they don't respond to email questions quickly. Good product, overall good experience.  
Phaythe 2003-02-05 08:45:15 6 Shipping was priority mail for my order. Ordered 4oz of Morning Glory Seeds and 1g of 5x salvia extract. As another comment suggested, I believe I may have recieved 10x in place of 5x...but I can't really complain, other than having a nearly overbearing expirence the first shot - be careful if ordering saliva from this vendor.  
Primo 2003-01-08 17:26:45 3 Charged me $5 for a "priority Mail" envelope that cost them $.49. Their site mentions priority mail/UPS as their ONLY form of shipment, but they screwed me good. They never responded to my e-mails either. Their salvia was crushed like powder making a screen necessary in a bong. However, their salvia does work, hence the rating of 3.  
incendivy 2003-01-02 06:47:10 3 Took THREE MONTHS for live plant order to be processed, no exaggeration. Described as a "well rooted" plant, mine arrived on non-priority USPS shipping as 2.5" of frozen roots and a disconnected blackened leaf floating in a Baggie. Very very slow delivery, slow e-mail response, if any. Finally got a 4" plant begging for humidity and warmth, now struggling to survive. Not recommended.  
Gig_20015 2003-01-01 02:25:42 2 This company sent my $60 package via $.49 mail, and their website states they ship USPS Priority Mail or UPS (they charge $5 for this). My 3 grams of 5X was short about .6 grams and it was actually 10X, in which I blew my freaking brain out with 1/6 gram thinking I was taking a moderate dose. My freinds ordered 30 grams of 5X and I think they might have run out and sent me a short 10X bag instead. When I emailed about it, they tried to justify sending it regular mail and blew me off after that.  

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