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Nick Date Submitted Rating Given Comment
J_B201 2004-07-01 23:47:48 10 Very good site. They sent me extras Kudos to Iamshaman  
neo 2004-06-11 01:35:47 10 Great store, recieved fast shipping, and quality products, with a little extra bonus.  
tanova 2004-01-04 00:57:59 1  
Wolfe 2003-09-27 20:25:00 10 I'm very happy to give this vendor a 10. Good people. Responsive to communication. Great products. FAST.  
davey 2003-09-04 20:24:42 10 Very fast delivery and excellent feedback. They confirmed my order via email and also when it shipped. A very happy customer!  
redgiant 2003-08-21 17:34:06 10 Amazing customer service and packaging. Top Quality - I've stopped looking around, these are they guys. Quality of product is outstanding.  
drvertigo 2003-05-01 07:15:24 10 Well, what can I say, the guys at Iamshaman are great. They sent my order with amazing speed and organization. The best part of Iamshaman is the quality of their product. I ordered salvia from Iamshaman, and it is the best salvia I have sampled thus far. Not only was it of a good quality, but it was great price too. I paid 10 dollars for what other sites sell for 25. All I can say is thank you Iamshaman, and keep you the good work. You will be expecting more orders from me, and people I ha  
spbyrne69 2003-04-21 23:39:27 10 Great Service. Quick Shipping. Item went out same day. Two confirmation e-mails and tracking number. Highly Recommended.  
iso240 2003-04-19 00:06:13 10 Outstanding service. Thank you.  
sorak 2003-04-05 03:38:05 10 extremely courteous. smooth transaction. very high quality products.  
flyman 2003-04-04 02:09:12 10 Quick shipping, no delay like other companies! I would buy again if the order is good this time!  
amiel 2003-03-19 21:51:18 10 Nice people, excellent quality product, fast delivery, low price. Congratulations IAS!  
Loonie 2003-02-15 00:47:01 10 There needs to be an "11" on the scale especially for IAS. If they have what you're after, then don't even waste your time going anywhere else. Orders have been prompt, cheap, superb quality and *very* generous. I couldn't have hoped to find a finer place.  
Budah 2003-01-17 22:54:48 10 Sincere merchant, excellent service, great product and fast delivery. I will be buying repeatedly. Shalom, Budah  
mmphish 2002-11-30 01:20:16 10 Without a doubt the best vender out there. I gotten two orders from them. Both times I got more then what I paid for as well as extras. Customer service was prompt and answered all my questions imediately. I would'nt even consider ordering from anyone else.  
tinkerbradley 2002-11-10 17:02:52 10 I have to say that iamshaman's product kicks ass. The latest batch is even better than the standardized extract from sagewisdom.org, and costs less than half the price. Even though I have a stockpile of various crude extracts, I can't resist buying iamshaman's standardized extract because it is so much higher quality than all the rest.  
jaxon 2002-10-14 22:19:30 10 ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING quality product at amazingly low prices! EXCELLENT customer service. they confirmed receipt of my order 3 days after i mailed it. the next day, they confirmed shipment sent, it arrived 3 days later!!! i will never buy salvia anywhere else again. a perfect 10!  
moonbeam 2002-09-10 00:54:33 10 Excellent, friendly, and prompt customer service.Excellent product quality-and that's an understatement.I also received MORE than what I paid for, as well as extra little goodies.Compared with other merchants(and I've tried a few of them),IAMSHAMAN can't be beat for quality and for service. KC really loves Salvia, and it shows. It took me 5 minutes just to open the package-that's how much care he takes in serving the customer.I will never purchase from anyone else again.  

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