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Comments for MJB "Entho"botanicals:

Nick Date Submitted Rating Given Comment
glog 2003-06-14 04:40:59 10 Very fast delivery. Excellent quality.  
jaxon 2003-03-04 11:39:17 10 by far, the best vendor i've dealt with. amazing selection and excellent quality products. great customer service, willing to wheel and deal, very reasonable prices, and super fast delivery. highly recommended!!!  
Ethnocustomer 2003-02-03 01:34:39 10 Great quality products and is willing to match some prices! Best customer service!  
greeneggy 2003-02-01 10:11:08 10 fast, down to business and good products  
Eduard 2002-11-25 15:35:06 10 Worth of...  
infinite 2002-11-05 19:52:30 10 Very competitive prices, very fast and courteous customer service  
evlove 2002-10-08 21:21:15 10 Superfast delivery, quick email responses, great hard to find products  
rinz 2002-08-13 15:44:44 10 Fast. Good. Legit.  
RedDragon 2002-06-13 06:34:22 10 Super fast shipping, excellent product quality and unique selection!  

9 votes found with an average score of 10.00.

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